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CM-CF 120V Lithium Battery Charging & Discharging Tester


Model Name CM-CF-120100
Voltage range 0~120V
Current range 0~100A(Max:10kW)
Power supply AC220V/ 50Hz
Working modes Discharge, charge, cycle activation
Human machine interaction 7 inch LCD touch screen,1024×800 resolution
Group End Voltage Accuracy +0.5%FS+0.1V, Resolution 0.1V (Module)
Individual voltage accuracy (optional) 0~5V@±0.2%FS±5mV, Resolution 0.001V (Cell)
Current accuracy ±1%@100A, Resolution 0.1A
Communication interface RS485/USB
Environment Temperature:-10~65C;Humidity:0~90%.   Altitude <4000 meters
Heat dissipation Air cooling



CM-CF series adopts intelligent charging & discharging integrated control technology, which is mainly applied to the charging&discharging test of low-voltage battery packs to regulate the voltage or SOC of the module to reach the same standard range, thus avoiding the inconsistency in voltage and capacity due to replacing the battery module, and the unreasonable decline in the range of new energy vehicles.



● Adopt high efficiency IGBT module application technology to realize the wide voltage range, and the charging&discharging current can be customized.

● Support cyclic charging&discharging mode,effectively improve the capacity and usage times of the battery.

● Support cell voltage and temperature data acquisition and setting, ensuring a safer charging&discharging process.

● Support the car license data recording for maintenance info trace and locally save.

● Intelligent design and humanized user interface for easy operation.

● Multi conditions to issue sound and light alarms, reverse polarity, over-temperature, over-current, under-voltage, over-voltage, short-circuit emergency stop, etc.