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Battery Discharge Load Bank 2000A


Technical parameter

Model HDFD -12200X Output Channel One Chanel
Communication Interface RS485 and USB connection
Working Mode

Constant voltage charge , Constant current charge , Constant current discharge, constant power discharge , constant resistance discharge;

Static, Pause and cycle operation mode; It can set multi-stage program running mode and flexibly combine running mode .

Stage Switch Condition Time , Voltage ,Ah
Real-time Display 1. Current,Voltage,Time,Stage,Mode, Ah,Wh;


2. Discharge, Power indicator light: real-time indicate working state

Alarm and Protection 1. Sound and light alarm when device fault


2. Battery reverse connection alarm, over-current stop,power off protection function; It can record running state when the power cuts off , and automatically run after power recovery


3. Abnormal data can display on the monitoring interface and in the historical record (Power down, undercurrent, manual trip, stop and other fault alarm) for checking the faults.


4. It occurs faults(power down,undercurrent,stop) or manual trip to next stage of program during the running, the monitoring soft can records the faults in the corresponding color.

Operation Mode 1. Stage, current , voltage can be flexibly set within the rated range.


2. Program can set the terminal condition according to the actual control options .The terminal condition that is not matched can not be selected.


3. It can flexibly choose the specified stage to start running when it proceed the multi-stages test, and manually trip to any stage during the running.


4. The test parameter can be stored for using next time.


5. During the pause you can modify the parameter setting for any subsequent stage, including the running stage.

Record and Storage 1. The test data can be exported Excel file.


2. It can draw curves such as time-voltage,time-current,time-stage capacity,time-total capacity,time-power,time-resistance,time-energy,cycle times-stage capacity(cycle capacity decay curve) according to recorded data. The graph can be copied and exported as BMP file. The graph can be locally enlarged


3. You can name the record file.


4. Storage data up to 1000,000 groups

Common Parameter Time Display Resolution 0.1s
Timing Accuracy ±10s/24hour
Time Set Range for each stage 0.1s-1000hour;
Stage Set Range 1-200 stage
Record Internal set range 0.1s-1000hour (The sampling record interval can be set in stages)
Full Range Current Increasing Time 30S
Same Phase Stage Switch Time 50mS
Cycle times set range 0-65535 time
Total Voltage accuracy ±0.1%F.S(1%~100% range)
Current Accuracy ±0.1%F.S(1%~100% range)
Special Parameter 1 HDCF 2000A/12V
Discharge voltage range 6-15V
Discharge Current Range 0A-2000A
Voltage Resolution 0.001V
Current Resolution 0.1A
Working Environment Working Power AC220V,±10%,50HZ±1HZ
Working Temperature 0~40℃
Storage Temperature -20~+70℃
Ventilation Good ventilation, no corrosive gas
Cooling forced air cooling
Environment Humidity ≤85%
PC System Win7,Win10