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CE-3912 Lithium Battery Analyzer


Model Name CE-3912
Voltage testing range 1.000V~5.000V
Internal resistance testing range 0.01mΩ-99.99mΩ
Conductivity measurement range 20-199990S
Voltage testing accuracy ±0.2%rdg±6dgt, Resolution: 1mV
Internal resistance testing accuracy ±0.5%rdg±6dgt, Resolution: 0.01mΩ
Conductivity measurement range Conductivity: ±0.5%rdg±6dgt, Resolution:1S
Operation mode Dual-use touch screen/keypad, 800*480, 5-inch color touch screen
Data storage Internal 32G TF storage, external 32G micro-USB card reader
Data management Testing data can be generated into reports for analysis and viewing
Voltage waveform testing Test DC voltage from 0~60V, and display waveform curve through measurement. Convenient for users to do auxiliary test.
Working power supply 10000mAH Changeable Lithium battery, 8~12 hours charging can reach full status.
Working modes Online, offline
External working power supply AC100~240V/DC5V-1A Power adapter / Charger
Size(mm) 171*100*35
Weight(Kg) 0.5



CE-3912 handheld lithium battery analyzer can quickly and intuitively diagnose lithium battery parameters as internal resistance, voltage and capacity analysis etc. There are wide range of application fields like automotive maintenance, electric vehicle battery maintenance testing etc.



● Touch screen / key double choice: Adopt 5-inch touch screen, convenient for parameter setting and data viewing.

● Intelligent operation: Only need to contact the pole column to complete the single battery 3s measurement,which can reach real-time judgement and quick saving.

● Simple to use: Quickly and intuitively diagnose the health status of lithium batteries, high precision, good consistency of re-measurement.

● Compact design:Lightweight less than 0.5kg,handheld design,single operator,full automatic measurement