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CE—CF24 Lithium Battery Equalizing Tester


Model Name 12-05 24-05 36-05 48-05 60-05 72-05
Channels(strings) Single cell *12 Single cell *24 Single cell *36 Single cell *48 Single cell *60 Single cell *72
Power supply 220V/AC ±15% 50Hz
Voltage range DC1.500V~4.350V
Equalization current 0.5~5A adjustable
Maintenance modes Parallel charging, parallel discharging, equalization&maintenance
Human machine interaction 7 inch LCD touch screen
Voltage accuracy 5V@+0.1%FS±2mV
Current accuracy 5A@±1%FS±0.05A
Temperature -10~65C@+2C
Connection modes Reverse (negative), sequence (positive)
External communication RS485/USB
Heat dissipation Air cooling
Protection direction Cross-connection, leakage, reverse connection, under-voltage, over-voltage



CE-CF series is used to perform the repair and maintenance of voltage difference for module cell, which can completely solve the issue of battery capacity degradation via manual & automatic two-way maintenance. This series is especially designed for guaranteeing the battery safety performance , extending the battery life, and reducing the cost of battery repair and replacement.



● Arbitrarily selected as replenishment, discharging and equalizing , which is convenient to use in different working conditions.



● Covers the maintenance of mainstream lithium batteries in the market.

● The maintenance process supports end depolarization, which guarantees a highly consistent effect after equalization.



● The internal channels are independently designed without interfering with each other, ensuring that each battery cell will not be over-charged&discharged.

● Easy to carry, the equipment supports 1~6 channels to expand, and a single channel supports 12 strings of battery cells’ equalization at the same time.