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Battery Load Discharge Tester HDGC3985

General information

HDGC3985 Battery Discharge Tester can be used as the discharge load in the battery off-line state to realize the constant discharge at the set value by regulating continuously the discharge current. When discharging, the tester will automatically stop discharging when the voltage on the battery group terminal or the cell falls to the set lower limit value, or when the set discharging time is out, or when it reaches the set discharging capacity. Battery Discharge Tester can records all valuable and continuous real-time data during the discharge process.
This tester system is simple, safe and accurate for monitoring voltage of cells adopting wireless connection.

● PTC ceramic resistor is adopted to avoid the red heat phenomenon for a safer discharge process .
● Intelligent SCM ARM control, 7inch 1024*600 LCD screen , capacitive touch operation, built in English menu, simple and clear operation menu.
● Automatic self-protection stop function, over-heat protection ,over voltage protection , over current protection and reverse connection protection ,alarm prompt is displayed on the screen once it appears any issue, air circuit breaker automatically cut off .
● It can set discharge termination condition including cell low voltage,whole group voltage low/high, charge current low, charge/discharge time , charge/discharge capacity
● When any condition can be met, the instrument can stop automatically testing with buzz sound and record the stop reason at the same time.
● It can evaluate the capacity of discharge test time .

Technical Parameter


Applicable battery DC 48V Battery Pack 
Discharge Voltage Range DC 38-60V
Discharge Current Range 0-200A
Working mode Standalone mode, parallel master mode, parallel slave mode, and remote controlled mode
Protection performance Battery test overvoltage protection, undervoltage stop, overcurrent protection, reverse wiring protection, 65℃ overtemperature protection, with LCD prompt and buzzer alarm
Control precision Discharge current≤±1%; group terminal voltage≤±0.1%; cell voltage≤±0.1%
PC communication RS485 interface, USB interface
Data storage capacity Built-in SD card with a capacity of 8G and the USB flash drive with a capacity of 16G
Work Environment
Cooling Forced air cooling
Temperature Working rage: -5-50℃  Storage temperature: -40-70℃
Humidity Relative humidity 0-90% (40±2℃)
Altitude Altitude 4,000m
Noise ﹤75dB
Working Power Supply
Voltage Power supply: single-phase AC220V (-20%-+30%), frequency: 45-65Hz; charging power supply: refer to nameplate parameters or case label
Dielectric Withstand Test Input-housing: 2200Vdc 1min
Input-output: 2200Vdc 1min
Output-housing: 700Vdc 1min
Safety Compliance with EN610950
Series – models
Model No. Discharge Voltage Discharge Current Weight Dimension
HDFD-4805 38-57V 0-50A 13.5kg 440*215*320mm
HDFD-4810 38-57V 0-100A 13.5kg 440*215*320mm
HDFD-4815 38-57V 0-150A 13.5kg 440*215*320mm
HDFD-4820 38-57V 0-200A 16.5kg 461*225*390mm
HDFD-4830 38-57V 0-300A 16.5kg 461*225*390mm
HDFD-4845 38-57V 0-450A 20kg 615*225*390mm
HDFD-1103 88-132V 0-30A 13.5kg 440*215*320mm
HDFD-1105 88-132V 0-50A 16.5kg  461*225*390mm
HDFD-1110 88-132V 0-100A 16.5kg  461*225*390mm
HDFD-1120 88-132V 0-200A 20kg 615*225*390mm
HDFD-1130 88-132V 0-300A 62kg 610*390*832mm
HDFD-2203 176-264V 0-30A 13.5kg 440*215*320mm
HDFD-2205 176-264V 0-50A 16.5kg  461*225*390mm
HDFD-2210 176-264V 0-100A 20kg 615*225*390mm
HDFD-2220 176-264V 0-200A 62kg 610*390*832mm
HDFD-2225 176-264V 0-250A 85kg 610*390*1182mm
HDFD-2230 176-264V 0-300A 85kg 610*390*1182mm
HDFD-3805 304-456V 0-50A 20kg 615*225*390mm
HDFD-3810 304-456V 0-100A 62kg 610*390*832mm
HDFD-3815 304-456V 0-150A 85kg 610*390*1182mm
HDFD-4803 384-576V 0-30A 16.5kg  461*225*390mm
HDFD-4804 384-576V 0-40A 20kg 615*225*390mm
HDFD-4808 384-576V 0-80A 62kg 610*390*832mm
HDFD-3010K 10~300V 10~19V:0~50A 19~180V:0~100A 180~300V:0~50A 16.5kg  461*225*390mm
HDFD-3012K 10~300V 10~19V:0~80A 19~180V:0~120A 180~300V:0~80A 20kg 615*225*390mm
HDFD-3025K 10~300V 10~19V:0~150A 19~180V:0~250A 180~300V:0~150A 62kg 610*390*832mm
HDFD-4812K 10~480V 10~19V:80A
19~180V:120A 180~300V:100A 300~480V:50A
62kg 610*390*832mm
HDFD-6012K 10-600V 10~19V:80A
19~180V:120A 180~300V:80A 300~600V:35A
62kg 610*390*832mm
HDFD-6030K 10~600V 10~19V:150A
19~180V:250A 180~300V:150A 300~600V:60A
85kg 610*390*1182mm