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HDVLF-30 VLF AC Hipot Tester

General Information 
It is a very essential preventive test to perform withstand voltage test for electrical equipment. Dielectric withstand test can be divided into AC insulation withstand test and DC insulation withstand test, There are three modes for power frequency test, variable frequency test and 0.1Hz very low frequency for AC insulation withstand .
VLF AC hipot tester with advance 0.1Hz technology makes insulation withstand voltage test fast, simple and safe .
VLF test is the more convenient substitute for power frequency test.Our VLF tester adopts 7 inch touch, advanced ARM 7 SCM and high-speed AD acquisition circuit with manage software . It is suitable for testing electrical equipment with large capacitance such as solid dielectric cable, transformers, motors, generators, switchgear and other electrical apparatus.
● Advanced technology. Adopts digital variable frequency technology , microcomputer control, full automatic measurement for voltage boosting , set-down, measuring and protection .
● Easy operation: simple connection and easy operation .
Full Protection: over-voltage protection and over-current protection, action time is less than 10ms. It is safe and reliable.
● Safety and reliability : Controller and high voltage booster connect the low voltage with sound and light control.
● Adopts high-low voltage closed-loop negative feedback circuit. No capacity rising during outputting.
● Capacitive touch screen , LDC display , automatic storage and printer.
● Wide measurement ranges: selectable frequency 0.1Hz,0.05Hz and 0.02Hz
● Small size and light weight are suitable for on-site operation .
Technical Parameter

Rated Output Voltage 30kV
Output Frequency 0.1Hz、0.05Hz、0.02Hz ( selectable)
Load Capacity 0.1Hz max  1.1µF
0.05Hz max 2.2µF
0.02Hz max 5.5µF
Measurement Accuracy 3%
Voltage positive and negative peak error ≤3%
Voltage wave distortion ≤5%
Working Temperature -10℃~+40℃
Humidity ≤85%RH
Power supply 220V±5%,50±5Hz
If the generator is as the power source , the voltage output and frequency of generator should is stable (Power> 3kW)
Weight Controller: 4kg   Booster:20kg