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HDYD-5kVA/50kV AC/DC Hipot Tester

General introduction

The Hipot test is a nondestructive test which is effective way to determine the insulation strength for electric equipment . Our Hipot Tester can check dangerous flaws and make sure electric equipment continuous working. It is widely used on transformers, switchgear, cables, capacitors,aerial motors platforms and other related equipment like vacuum interrupters, blankets,instruments transformers generators.
– Epoxy resin vacuum casting and CD type iron core structure technology
– Small size, light weight and compact structure, no-leakage, maintenance free;
– Simple wiring, easy operation ;
– Reliable Insulation, beautiful appearance;
– Over voltage protection function
Technical Parameter
– Output voltage:AC:0-50KV; DC: 0-70KV            
– Output current: AC 0-100mA; DC: 0-71.4mA
– Impedance voltage: <12%
– Surface temperature-raising: < 55°C
– No-load current: < 4%
– Continuous working time: ≤ 60 mins (DC Testing)
– Output voltage waveform: sine wave,power frequency