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HDJS-8000 Transformer Capacitance Tan Delta Tester

General Information

HDJS-8000 Transformer Capacitance Tan Delta Tester is a automatic on-site tester that is designed to measure dielectric loss(tgδ)and the capacitance (Cx) of electric equipment. The measure result can be displayed on the LCD screen and printed by micro-printer .It’s suitable for testing on transformer, capacitor, insulating bush, CT/PT, MOA .

1. The instrument adopts complex number current method to measure capacitance, dielectric loss and other parameters. The measured result is highly accurate and it is easy to realize automatic measurement.  
2. The instrument adopts variable frequency technology to eliminate 50Hz/60Hz power frequency interference. The measurement data will be get even under the strong electromagnetic interference.  
3. The instrument is easy to operate and the measuring process is controlled by microprocessor. Once a suitable measuring method is selected, the data measurement will complete automatically under the control of microprocessor.
4. The instrument is designed to be an integrated model with reference capacitor and HV power supply in it, enables site test measurement and reduces site wiring.
5. The instrument is equipped with CVT testing function, which can achieve CVT self-exciting testing without external accessories and measure the capacitance and dielectric loss of C1 and C2 by at a time.
6. GST measurement adopts ivddv technology to avoid unstable data provided by previous GST measurement.
7. The instrument provides low voltage shell function of GST. When the bus of 220kV CVT is grounded, dielectric loss measurement can be conducted for C11 without removing 10 kV GST.
8. The instrument has a function of measuring high-voltage dielectric loss. It can carry out dielectric loss test with over 10kV with the help of voltage transformer or series resonance.
9. The instrument has a ground-fault protection function. If the instrument is not grounded or grounded incorrectly, the instrument will refuse to enter into normal procedure and output HV.It has the over-current protection function, which can protect the instrument from damage when the test object is in a short circuit or breakdowns.
10. The instrument has a function of electric shock protection. When the instrument operator suffers an electric shock because of error operation , the instrument will cut off the HV immediately to ensure the security of operator.
Technical Parameter

♦ Accuracy: Cx: ±(read ×1%+1pF)
tgδ: ±(read ×1%+0.00040)
♦ Anti interference: Frequency conversion anti interference, under 200% interference, still can reach above accuracy.
♦ Capacitance range:Inner HV: 3pF~60000pF/10kV 60pF~1μF/0.5kV
Outside HV: 3pF~1.5μF/10kV 60pF~30μF/0.5kV
Resolution: Max. 0.001pF,4 significant figures
♦ Tgδ range: unlimited, resolution: 0.001%, capacitance, inductance, resistance can be identify automatically.
♦ Test current range: 10μA~1A
♦ Inner HV:Setting voltage range: 0.5~10kV
Max.Output current: 200mA
Increase/decrease voltage: continuous slide regulating.
Test frequency: 45, 50, 55 single frequency
45/55Hz auto double frequency conversion
Frequency precision: ±0.01Hz
♦ Outside HV: Positive connection max. test current 1A, Power frequency or frequency conversion 40-70Hz
Negative connection max. test current: 10kV/1A, power frequency or frequency conversion 40-70Hz
♦ CVT self excitation LV output: voltage 3~50V,current 3~30A
♦ Measuring duty: about 30s,it depend on measuring methods.
♦ Input power supply: 180V~270VAC,50Hz±1%,local supply or by generator.
♦ Communication interface: RS232.
♦ Printer: Build-in thermal printer.
♦ Environmental temperature: -10℃~50℃
♦ Relative humidity: <90%
♦ Oversize: 463×362×350mm
♦ Weight: 29kg