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HDPC-II CT/PT tester

General Information 
HDPC-II CT/PT tester is based on high performance DSP, ARM and advanced technique which is applied for performing field test of Current and Potential Transformers. It is the professional testing equipment for transformer measurement in power industry.
● Full featured. It can meet various test requirement of various CT( such as : protection type, metering type and TP) ,such as excitation characteristic, turn ratio , polarity , secondary winding resistance , secondary burden, ratio difference and angle difference etc, also can used for testing excitation characteristic, turn ratio, polarity , secondary winding resistance, ratio difference and angle difference of various PT
● Automatically test CT and PT parameter such as knee voltage / current, 10%(5%)error curve,accuracy limit factor(ALF), instrument security factor(FS), secondary time constant(TS), remanence factor(KR) and satured and unsaturated inductance etc.
● Based on advanced low frequency measurement theory , it can perform CT test of knee point up to 30KV
● Complied with various transformer standard such as GB1208(IEC60044-1)、GB16847(IEC60044-6) 、GB1207, it automatically choose the standard to perform the testing according to transfer types and classes .
● Friendly and beautiful interface , full English diagram interface
● Saving 2000 sets of measurement data, it can not lose data when power off.
● The test is simple and easy . CT DC resistance ,excitation,turn ratio and polarity are tested with one key . Except burden test, CT and other tests are adopted one same connection method .

Application CT and PT
Output 0~180Vrms,12Arms,36A(peak value)
Voltage measurement accuracy ±0.05%
CT Ratio Measurement Range 1~35000
Accuracy ±0.05%
PT Ration Measurement Range 1~35000
Accuracy ±0.1%
Phase Measurement Accuracy ±3min
Resolution 0.3min
Secondary winding resistance measurement Range 0~300Ω
Accuracy 0.1%±1mΩ
AC load measurement Range 0~300VA
Accuracy 0.1%±0.1VA
 Large current output 150A
Input power voltage AC220V±10%,50Hz
Working Environment Temperature :-10οC~50οC,  Humidity: ≤90%
Dimension and Net Weight Size: 340mm×296mm×174mm,
Weight about 9kg