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HDJB-207 Three phase relay protection tester

General Information 
HDJB-207 Three phase relay protection tester series is an important test equipment which can test devices of various professional fields(such as microcomputer protection,relay protection,fault recorder and excitation measurement)all by itself. It can test 4 phases voltage and 3 phases current,while HDJB-210 tests 6 phases of each.
● Standard 4 phase voltage and 3 phase current output.  It is convenient to proceed the combined output for various of protection testing with 4 phase voltage and 3 phase current output . Max single phase voltage outputs 120V, Max single phase current outputs 40A(10s), three phase current outputs 120A, the fourth phase voltage Ux is multi-function voltage item, which can be set to 4 types of 3U0   or same period voltage, or output  at any certain voltage. 
● Easy operation by single machine. It can carry on the operation by large LCD screen with English display and flexible rotating mouse.It can complete most of test inspection in the field. It can calibrate various relays and microcomputer protection and  simulate various complex transient, permanent and conversion faults for the whole group of tests.
● Double operation modes and Running with computer. With full English operation software on Windows, it can carry on the calibration tasks which are various large-scale, complex and more automated . It is convenient to measure and scan various protection setting value , record real-time measurement data , display vector diagram, draw fault waveform and print reports online ect.
● Powerful software function . It can perform various more automated, large-scale and complex calibration tasks, Such as three phase differ test, plant power quick cutting, automatic switch on test, same period re-close of circuit protection. It is easy to measure and scan various the protection fixed vales, perform fault playback,record real-time measurement data ,  display vector diagram, draw fault waveform and print reports online ect.
● Abundant switch contacts. There are three phase of 7 paths contact input and 2 pairs of idle contacts output. The input contacts are compatible with idle contacts and  0-250V electric potential contact, which can be automatically identified .Input contacts and output contacts can be customized as per customer’s requirement.
● Large LCD scree. Adopting 320×240 dot matrix large screen  with high resolution LCD screen, all operation can be set on the LCD screen,. The operation interface and test result can be display in English, which is intuitive and clear.
● Self-protection. With the reasonably designed heat dissipation structure, it is reliable and perfect various protection safeguard, soft starting power supply and the function of self-diagnose fault and interlocking fault.
● Unique and dedicated DC power output . It is equipped with one route 110V and 220V dedicated DC power output.
● High performance at low cost.  It is a cross-professional joint design product that integrates advanced scientific and technological achievements from multiple disciplines. It combines the performance of a large-scale tester and the price of a small-scale tester which is high  performance at low cost .
 AC current output

Phase current output (effective value)  0~40A
3 phase parallel current output (effective value)  0~120A
Output Precision  <0.2 class
A Long-time Phase current 10A
Maximum output power of Phase current 420VA
Maximum output power of 3 parallel current 900VA
Maximum Permitted work time of 3 parallel current 10S
Frequency range ( fundamental) 20~1000Hz
Harmonic time 1~20

 DC current output

Current output 0~±10A / phase,  0~±30A / 3 parallel
Output Precision <0.2 class
Max output load voltage 20V

 AC voltage output

Phase voltage output (effective value) 0~120V
Line voltage output (effective value) 0~240V
Output Precision < 0.2 class
Phase voltage / Line phase output power 80VA / 100VA
Frequency range (fundamental) 20~1000Hz
Harmonic time 1~20

 DC voltage output

Phase voltage output range 0~±160V
Line voltage output range  0~±320V
Output Precision 0.2 class
Phase voltage / Line phase output power 70VA / 140VA

 Binary & Time measuring

Binary input 7 path Idle contact: 1~20mA,24V
Electric potential contacts:“0”: 0 ~ +6V; “1”:+11 V ~ +250 V
Binary output 2 pairs DC:220 V/0.2 A;  AC:220 V/0.5 A
Timing measurement 0.1ms ~ 9999s ; accuracy of measurement 0.1ms

 Environment and Dimention

Three phase
Dimention 400×300×180mm
Weight About 22kgs
Power supply AC 220V±10%,50/60Hz
Environment Temperature -10℃ ~ +50℃