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HD-3800 DC System Ground Fault Locator

General Information
HD-3800 DC System Ground Fault Locator is to find the insulation fault of Voltage level 48V,110V,220V DC system such as indirect grounding,non-metal grounding,Loop grounding , positive and negative grounding, positive and negative balance grounding,AC into DC Fault, multi-point grounding.
Portable DC ground locator with High resolution sensor unit perform the acquisition of leakage current for grounding point of DC system . It can immediately measure and locate the grounding insulation impedance within 600KΩ at 220V voltage level to solve the insulation fault in DC system.

● Grounding voltage measurement, the instrument can measure the voltage of positive to grounding,voltage of negative to grounding and system voltage to realize the monitoring of 0-300V voltage .
● System insulation impedance measurement function,the instrument can measure insulation impedance of positive to grounding , insulation impedance of negative to grounding , which can measure 0—999KΩ range .
● Detection function of AC fleeing into DC,  the instrument can judge the fault of AC fleeing into DC in DC system and measure the voltage value fleed into AC in DC system. AC voltage measurement range is 0-280V.
● Brand insulation impedance measurement Function. The instrument can measure the insulation impedance of positive and negative to the ground at each brand .
● Fault Point Location function of brand grounding.
● The instrument can be used as high accuracy current meter. The resolution of current measurement can be up 0.01mA
● Grounding Detection function without signal , the instrument can locate the fault point unconnected the signal.
● Direction Display Function . The instrument can indicate the grounding direction to user by a direction arrow.
● Insulation Index Analysis Function, The instrument can indicate the insulation index of one detected brand route.
● Waveform curve display function.  The screen can display the current change of detected brand route in waveform curve.
Technical Parameter
(1) Working Environment
● The environment temperature: -5℃~+50℃;
● Relative humidity: Less than or equal to 90%;
(2) Wireless communication Specifications
● Power of signal : ≤ 10dbm;
● Signal band: 433Mhz;
● Sensitivity: -106dBm;
● Transmission distance: In the range of visibility, the reliable transmission from the ground 2m distance of 100m.
(3) Instrument Technical Specifications
● Applicable DC system voltage levels: 48V,110V,220V
● System voltage measurement range: 0V to 300V;
● DC to the ground voltage measurement range: 0V to 300V;
● AC to the ground voltage measurement range: 0V to 280V;
● Voltage measurement resolution :0.1V
● System grounding resistance measurement range: 0 to 600KΩ;
● Grounding resistance measurement resolution: 0.1KΩ;
● Display mode: LCD;
● Detection signal current size: 0 to 2mA;
● Detection signal voltage amplitude: 0 to 50V;
● Signal frequency: 0.167Hz;
(4) Detector Technical  Specifications
● branch insulation resistance detection range under signal :
              System voltage level 220V:0 -600KΩ
              System voltage level 110V:0 -300KΩ
              System voltage level 48V:0 -60KΩ
             Insulation impedance measurement resolution :0.1KΩ
● branch insulation resistance detection range without signal:
             System voltage level 220V:0 -50KΩ
            System voltage level 110V:0 -25KΩ
            System voltage level 48V:0 -10KΩ
            Insulation impedance measurement resolution :0.1KΩ
● Insulation resistance measurement resolution: 0.1KΩ;
● Time waveform display:12s;
● Current measurement range: ±50mA;
● Current measurement resolution:0.01mA;
● Display: LCD;
● Direction display : up arrow indicate same direction and down arrow indicate inverse direction
● Clamp size: Ф30mm;