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HDGC2612 Wireless Battery Cell Monitoring Module


HDGC2612 Wireless Battery Cell Monitoring Module
Voltage measurement range 1.5V~16V
Cell voltage Compatible with 2V, 4V, 6V, 12V optional
Voltage measurement accuracy ±0.1%
Total voltage monitoring range 0-600V (depending on the total voltage collection box per group)
Voltage Resolution 0.01V
Number of connections Maximum 25 connections per group (300 batteries)
Number of monitors per module Each module supports up to 12 batteries for acquisition
Wireless transmission distance ≤100m in open environment
Sizes 35×71.5×98.75mm
Weights 0.15KG


Product Selection

Battery pack type Battery Specifications Number of modules required Note
DC24V system 2V Cel 1 12 cells
12V Cell 1 2 cells
DC48V system 2V Cell 2 24 cells
12V Cell 1 4 cells
DC110V system 2V Cell 5 52-54 cells
12V Cell 1 9-10 cells
DC 220V system 2V Cell 9 104-108 cells
12V Cell 2 16-18 cells
DC 380V system 2V Cell 16 192-196 cells
12V Cell 3 30-32 cells
DC 480V system 2V Cell 20 238-240 cells
12V Cell 4 40-42 cells



HDGC2612 battery cell voltage acquisition box is used to monitor several main  parameters as battery terminal voltage, module voltage and internal resistance, which performs real-time monitoring of battery performance and state, analyzes the battery performance trend and judge battery service life. This module can effectively monitor the whole group of drop single battery and immediately issue alarm when it found serious deterioration of faulty batteries. These operations will provide the basis for battery pack inspection and maintenance.



● Adopt LORO wireless + RS485 wired transmission: compatible with 2V/6V/12V cell voltage monitoring. Each wireless monitoring module can simultaneously monitor 12 cells for easily operation.

Intelligent design of operation: equipped with insulation clamps, simple connection, automatic timed inspection of battery terminal voltage, automatic recording and intelligent analysis.

● Module address using manual dialing code: module address without manual system number, directly through the external dialer to set up, convenient for troubleshooting and improve the efficiency of testing and maintenance.

Various acquisition methods:

1.Data transmission between the cell voltage acquisition box and the host of the discharger.

2.Data transmission between the cell voltage acquisition box and USB wireless terminal.

3.Data transmission among cell voltage acquisition box, host of discharge meter and USB wireless terminal.

● Ultra-bandwidth monitoring function: a device to support 25 modules in series, the battery monitoring can up to 300 sections to meet the > 200 battery packs on-site operation.

 Adopt full isolation circuit design: it is not interfered by the user’s equipment, nor affects the normal operation of the user’s equipment and battery pack.

● Adopt multi-frequency band design: can set up 4 independent frequency bands, i.e., 4 sets of monitoring systems can be used in the same area to transmit data at the same time without interfering with each other or interfering with other’s channels.

Support data wireless viewing: cell battery voltage acquisition in real time and display in columnar graphic for easy viewing. It support cell battery health analysis and make a safety assessment.