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HDGC3986 Battery Charging and Discharging Tester


HDGC3986 Battery Charging& Discharging Tester
Suit Battery DC 48V System DC 110V System DC 220V System DC 380V System DC 480V System
Discharge voltage range 32~60V 88~132V 176~270V 300~460V 380~580V
Charging voltage range 42~60V 96~200V 190~300V 300~500V 400~630V
Discharge current 0~300A 0~300A 0~100A 0~50A 0~40A
Charging current 1~100A 1~300A 1~100A 1~50A 1~50A
Instrument Functionality
Display 7-inch LCD touch screen with 1024 x 800 resolution
Voltage measurement accuracy ±0.5%FS+0.1V
Current measurement accuracy ±1%FS+0.1A
Discharge current display accuracy 0.1A
Cell voltage display accuracy 0.01V
Cell voltage monitoring function Communication distance up to 100 m or more,Compatible with 2V/4V/6V/12V single battery voltage monitoring.

Each wireless monitoring module can monitor 12 cells at the same time,the high limit can monitor 300 batteries.

Data storage Internal 16G TF storage, external 16G micro-USB card reader
Data communication RS485*3、USB*1
Working mode Activation, constant-current, constant-voltage, float-charge
Protection performance (LCD display reminder + buzzer alarm)
Host protection function Over-temperature, over-current, current runaway trigger shutdown protection
Reverse connection protection Reverse polarity audible and visual alarms
Abnormal protection Power line drop, mains cable drop
Over temperature protection Built-in temperature sensing probe, temperature over 75°C, the device automatically stops discharging
emergency stop External open circuit breaker for emergency shutdown protection
Working environment
Cooling mode Forced air cooling
Temperature Operating temperature : -5~50℃, Storage temperature : -40~70℃.
Humidity Relative humidity : 0~90%(40±2℃)
Altitude Available below 4000m
Power supply
Voltage Supply voltage: AC 220V (-20%~+30%), frequency: 45~65Hz.

Charging input: AC220V (-20%~+30%)

Withstand voltage Input-shell: 2200Vdc 1min / Input-output: 2200Vdc 1min / Output-shell: 700Vdc 1min
Safety Satisfies EN 610950



HDGC3986 multi-purpose intelligent battery charging and discharging tester use to perform battery constant current discharge, intelligent charging and activation, which can reduce enterprise cost and maintenance personnel labor intensity. It is ideal solution for regular battery pack testing and backward battery re-life and providing scientific testing methods for batter and UPS power maintenance.

There are wide range of application market areas as telecommunication, base station, electric power etc. The working modes can defined according to real demands as deep discharging and then charging,which makes battery pack keeping the satisfaction state at any time to extend service life. It is definitely a good assistant for battery maintenance.

HDGC3986=Rapid remaining capacity analysis+Battery pack constant current discharge+Battery pack intelligent charging+ battery pack activation and repair + Wireless Battery Cell Monitoring Module (HDGC2612)



● Multi working modes: Constant-current discharge, constant-power discharge, constant-current charging, constant-voltage current-limiting charging, trickle-float charging etc.

● HD Display: 7-inch touch screen with resolution of 1024*800, the military-grade touch panel to reach strong anti-interference ability.

● Multi safety protection modes: over-current, short-circuit, high temperature, reverse polarity etc.

● Multiple alarm functions: The tester issues alarm and stops discharging in real time when it occurs abnormal problems as high voltage, under-voltage, current out of range and fan failure etc., which avoid the damage of tester and related equipment.

● Intelligent operation design: automatic recording and intelligent analysis of the entire test.

● Support parallel operation: Parallel operation to meet the demand of more than 300A discharging current.

● Rapid capacity analysis: the remaining capacity of the battery can be predicted by 3-5 minutes of rapid discharge.

● High performance component: adopt polymer PTC to realize low power consumption and strong anti-surge ability. The CPU of main control board adopt the high-performance ARM from imported STM Microelectronics to realize the stable performance, high frequency and powerful functions. The main & vice CPU work together to ensure the testing safety and reliability .

● High-frequency wave width modulation (PWM) technology in charging: filtering, rectification, inverter, power efficiency conversion integration, built-in electromagnetic interference (EMI) surge protection circuit and microprocessor control technology.

● Charging&discharging parameters preset : multi templates parameter inside for different types of batteries, and automatically saved after power down and directly restart testing after power up.

● Equipped with professional analysis software: simultaneously display data table as voltage,current curves, single cell histogram etc., and automatically generate report in EXCEL/WORD to print.

● Powerful storage space: with internal 16G for 1000 groups discharging data and external 16G USB data reader

Discharging termination set via multi conditions: discharging capacity to limit, discharging time to limit, cell voltage threshold, module voltage threshold. It will automatically stop discharging when any one of testing conditions are reached.

● Charging termination set via multi conditions: charging capacity to limit, charging time to limit, cell voltage high limit, module voltage high limit. It will automatically stop charging when any one of testing conditions are reached.

● With activation and repair function: active substances for negative electrode vulcanization to reduce the capacity decline and improve battery life.

● Support data wireless viewing: battery cell voltage real-time acquisition and bar graph data viewing,even health analysis and security assessment.

● Wireless battery cell acquisition function: real-time monitoring of each cell voltage status through the charging&discharging tester, compatible with 2V/4V/6V/12V cell voltage monitoring, a single module to support the monitoring of 12 cells

● Self-calibration function for high measurement accuracy

● Curve Viewing Function: data files view in graphs and waveform format.