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HDGC3926 Battery Online Equalisation Maintenance System


Cell voltage Cell Voltage Measurement Range 1.5V~3.0V (2V single cell battery)

4.5V~8V(6V single cell battery)

8.0V~18.0V (12Vsingle cell battery)

Voltage measurement accuracy ±0.3%
Cell internal resistance Measurement range 0~65535μΩ
Internal Resistance Measurement Accuracy and Resolution ±2%, Resolution: 3μΩ
Group End Module Voltage measurement range 0~600V
Voltage measurement accuracy ±0.5%
Current measurement range and accuracy 0~1000A;±1%, resolution 0.1A
Temperature collection Temperature measurement and accuracy ±10℃+85℃;Accuracy:±1℃
Communication method Inside RS485/TCP/USB
History Search Alarm data and historical records of voltage, internal resistance, capacity, group voltage and current and monthly analysis report can be queried. Automatic control by on-site mainframe or remote centre control
Input Power AC100~240V or DC48\DC220
Input Insulation Resistance ≥10MΩ,600V
Working environment Environmental temperature 0~40℃
Relative humidity <85%



HDGC3926 system is equipped with online automatic equalization and maintenance function, which can carry out for battery packs under float charging state, and automatically perform voltage limiting trickle current compensation charging for undercharged batteries, so that each battery is always in an active state, keeping the voltage of battery packs balanced and preventing the battery from long term under-charging to sulfurizate or long term over-charging to loss water.This reduces battery failure and prolongs battery life.

All-round monitoring of DC screen backup power supply includes internal resistance test, pole temperature test, single-unit voltage monitoring, group-end charging and discharging voltage, current monitoring and intelligent analysis and management.



● System fault tolerance

The system does not have any interference to the UPS charging system and working circuit. The voltage acquisition line is not directly connected to the monitored battery, and the middle is connected by ohmic resistor, which eliminates the dangers of self-discharge of the battery, sparks on the scene, electrocution of the personnel, and injury of the battery brought by the short circuit of the measurement cable itself or the failure of the module.

The detection channels of the acquisition unit adopt high impedance input mode, and the current of the detection circuit is less than microampere level, which has no adverse effect on the battery.

The system can work independently of the monitored equipment, low power consumption, low requirements for the power supply system, does not affect the user’s normal power supply line.

Anti-overvoltage, over current and high-frequency magnetic field interference

The system is required to have a wide operating voltage range, strong prevention capability for over current and voltage , and design with anti-surge circuits to normal operation under high-frequency and strong magnetic field working environments.

● Online maintenance

The system adopts modular design, good independence between modules, strong online maintainability. Online maintenance does not affect the normal work of the monitored equipment.

● Flame retardancy

The system use components with good flame-retardant characteristics so that malfunctions caused by short-circuits and over currents in the system itself will not cause open flame burning.

● Explosion-proof

The system use relays in good performance, no channel switching sparks, and no contact connecting devices that generate open flames.

● Display intuition

7-inch touch screen and monitoring host integrated design, easy to install, real-time data view, can also be read through the background.

● Intelligent operation

The module adopts automatic numbering, the data can be exported locally and in the background, and intelligent integrated maintenance.

● Strong anti-interference

The internal resistance test adopts the Kelvin four-terminal AC injection method, the test frequency is dynamically adjusted according to the UPS parameters, and the high anti-interference internal resistance value is not interfered by the UPS ripple.

● Line separation design

Adopt 6-core acquisition line, voltage, internal resistance and temperature are independent channels without interfering with each other, which improves the stability of testing.

● Self-calibration function

The instrument is equipped with internal resistance calibration and correction function, which can calibrate and correct the measured value to ensure the measurement accuracy.

● Adopt active equalization technology

Through trickle active equalization technology, high voltage cell is discharged and low voltage cell is charged at the same time, so as to realize the consistency of the whole group of batteries and ensure that the charging of each battery is balanced.

● Adopting advanced distribution network mode

Each battery is installed with one monitoring module, and the modules communicate with each other via RS485.