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Battery on-line Monitoring Tester HDGC-3920

General Information

Battery on-line monitoring system tester is a on-line battery monitoring and auto maintain system for USP,EPS, DC power supply, communication power supply . The tester has the function of monitoring and alerting for a series of parameters such as battery pack voltage, battery pack current, cell battery voltage, cell battery internal resistance, battery environment temperature, Cell Battery negative temperature and battery voltage balance, residual capacity and discharge.  It can automatically maintain balance voltage, which used for on-line monitoring 2V and 12V battery .

1) 7 inch color 800*480 touching screen
2) Abundant and beautiful display interface, it can display cell battery voltage , internal resistance and temperature by bar charts and sliding tables .
3) Reliable measurement quality and excellent service life , built in advanced original imported clip.  
4) Reliable communication quality and strong interference ability. Isolation RS485 technology can be used for data communication between each single mode or between single mode and monitoring unit , which can effectively avoid communication faults or burning machine caused by electromagnetic interference, common mode interference and differential mode interference.
5) Each single mode adopt internal power supply, the power supply between single mode also is isolated. It reduce the possible of single model full burning caused by wrong connection or main unit fault.
6) Single TA mode can real-time monitor the battery voltage and battery internal resistance and battery temperature .
7) TC mode can monitor the voltage and current of whole group. Voltage range is compatible with 12-600V.  Current sensor can equipped with several current specification 50A, 100A, 150A, 200A,300A . Each current specification of any combination is used for improving the accuracy of measurement current.  
8) 2 channels dry-contact input and 2 channels dry-contact output . The dry-contact can be display on the screen and can be controlled by remote RS485 or TCP/IP .
9) Strong communication signal . there are 4 com ports. Each COM port can connect with 125 battery. It can connect up to 500 battery .
10) Same monitoring unit can monitor TA mode compatible with 2V and 12V battery .
11) TA mode can be compatible with 2V and 12V battery group .
12) Searching function. Data can be carry on analysis to form the report on the computer by U disk.
13) TC mode can be installed the suitable position by connection in series between any of two modes.
Technical Parameter

Cell voltage measurement Cell voltage measurement range 0~16V
Voltage measurement accuracy ±0.3%
Cell Internal Resistance Measurement Range 0 ~32000mW
Internal resistance measurement accuracy ±2%
Balance Balance Accuracy <5mv
Data Acquisition Acquisition On-line
Acquisition Interval Time One hour
Communication Internal RS485/TCP
Control way Main unit control and Remote control center control
Input Power Supply AC100~240V or DC48\DC220
Input insulation Resistance ≥10MΩ,600V
Working Environment Environment Temperature 0~40℃
Relative Humidity <85%