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Can we restore dead batteries?

Release Time:2022-09-10

With the development of electricity, the demand for batteries in critical DC power systems is increasing year by year. Battery test equipment are essential for Battery inspection and maintenance works.



We usually face the below issues about individual dead battery during the application.

  1. Failure battery can not be repaired under the condition of full load discharge for the  battery group. Besides, there are overcharge and overdischarge or insufficient discharge depth due to the difference between battery packs.
  1. not improve the disabled single cell when the battery group perform the balance charge. It is easy to cause other batteries to lose water due to overcharging .
  2. Long-term floating charging will cause the chemical reaction of battery active substances to solidify, which also resultsin a vulcanization phenomenon. In a long time, the capacity of the lead-acid battery will continue to decrease.

Can we restore dead batteries ?

Battery activation technology for activating dead batteries can play an important role in reducing operating costs, improving equipment stability, and saving energy and environmental protection.

HD Power Test Equipment Company provides a battery activator which can activate failed battery active material by repeatedly charging and discharging the disabled single cell . It can realize the recovery of the performance of the disabled single cell in the battery pack, improving the consistency of the battery pack and extending battery life.



Battery activator HDGC3932 is a smart battery activation repair machine that can conduct the activation repair for disabled single cell battery to ensure the performance to the whole battery group . It has three independent test functions: battery charging , battery discharging and battery activating.



The tester is a portable and impact device. You can upload the collected data to data management software for battery analysis.


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