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CE—CF0530 Lithium Battery Activator


Model Name CE-CF0530
Power supply 220V/AC±15% 50Hz
Voltage range DC 1.5V~15V
Charging current range 1~30A±0.5%FS+0.1A@30A continuously adjustable
Charging mode Constant current, constant voltage
Discharging mode Constant current, constant power
Human machine interaction 7 inch LCD touch screen
Voltage accuracy/Resolution ±0.001V(1mv)
Current accuracy 0.1A
Working temperature -10~65℃
Storage temperature -40~75℃
Heat dissipation Air cooling



CE-CF0530 adopts high-frequency power supply design to realize rapid charging and discharging maintenance of lithium battery cell. To be with battery cell capacity screening, SOC adjustment function, it is a high cost-effective cell maintenance equipment.



● Industry leading charging & discharging modes as constant current/voltage for charging, constant current/power for discharging.

● Meet the maintenance of various type of lithium battery cell, support voltage &capacity termination,and power calculation.

● Voltage and current sampling line isolation design for more accurate testing, the charging&discharging current is adjustable to realize efficient maintenance.

● Provide various testing termination thresholds to avoid over-overcharging &discharging, ensuring the safety of battery and testing equipment.

● Small size and light weight, easy to carry.