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New energy power battery PACK charging & discharging test system 20A


750V Lithium Battery PACK Testing Equipment
Voltage monitoring range DC0~750V
Charge & Discharge Voltage 70~750V
Charge & Discharge Curren 1~20A
Discharge power ≤15KW
 Instrument Functionality
Real-time display 1. Current, voltage, time, stage, mode, Ah, Wh.

2. Front panel with corresponding indicator lights for charging, discharging and power supply, real-time indication of working status.

Voltage measurement accuracy ±0.5% F.S (1% to 100% range)
Current measurement accuracy ±0.05% F.S (1% to 100% range)
Voltage Resolution 0.1V
Current Resolution 0.1A
Data storage 1.Test data support EXCEL file exports

2.Curves can be plotted according to the recorded data, and supports BMP format export.

3.Max 100,000 sets of data can be recorded

Data communication RS485
Working mode support constant voltage charging, constant current charging, constant current and termination voltage checking and discharging, constant current and timed voltage checking and discharging, constant power discharging, constant resistance discharging, quiescent, pause, and cyclic operation modes, and the operation modes can be freely combined when setting up multi-stage procedures.
 Protection Performance (LCD display reminder + buzzer alarm)
Host protection function Over-temperature, over-current, current runaway trigger shutdown protection
Reverse connection protection Reverse polarity audible and visual alarms
Over temperature protection Built-in temperature sensing probe, temperature over 75°C, the device automatically stops discharging
 Working Environment
Cooling mode Forced air cooling
Temperature Operating temperature:0~40℃, Storage temperature:-20~70℃
Humidity Relative humidity : 0~90%(40±2℃)
Power supply AC380V,-5%~+10%,50HZ±1HZ,three-phase, five-wire system



Lithium battery PACK charge/discharge testing system can test and verify the failure and safety of new energy vehicle power battery to ensure reliable battery performance and stable function. The tester adopts independent channel design architecture and support the testing of multiple groups of vehicle batteries testing at the same time, and analyze the test results through professional software.

What’s more, it adopts recyclable energy design architecture to generate power during the battery discharging, which can be recycled to the utility or directly transferred to the vehicle power battery that needs to be charged. This operation can quickly solve the testing and diagnosis of various types of lithium batteries, and also be used as a DC load.

With the features of easy operation, stable performance and strong anti-harmonic ability, the tester can realize grid inverter feedback, energy saving and environmental protection, which can widely used in power battery manufacturers, new energy vehicle enterprises and other industries.



Multiple working modes: constant current/power discharge, constant current/voltage charging, integrating discharging/charging, cyclic charging/discharging.

Multiple safety protection functions: over-current, short-circuit, over-temperature, reverse polarity.

Adopting Silicon Controlled Rectifier power device: small power consumption, strong anti-surge ability, high safety coefficient, and the advantages of controlling high power by small power, it can respond to the impact of high current quickly and make the discharging process more reliable.

Equip with professional analysis software: simultaneously display data table as voltage, current curves, single cell histogram etc., and automatically generate report in EXCEL/WORD to print.

● Wireless battery cellacquisition function: real-time monitoring of each cell voltage status through the discharging tester,compatible with 2V/4V/6V/12V cell voltage monitoring, a single module to support the monitoring of 12 cells.

With single voltage acquisition function: can be in the discharge test process, through the central computer to collect the single battery, battery cell voltage, not only can quickly and accurately for capacity measurement and voltage high limit warning, but also effectively protect the battery from damage due to overcharging and discharging.

Powerful storage function: built-in 16G storage space, can store up to 1000 groups of discharge data, and support the historical discharge data to view, analyze, delete and other management actions, external 16G data reader, through the USB interface, you can copy the discharge process data, imported into the computer, through the host computer management software to analyze the process of battery discharge, and can generate the corresponding data report. Data report can be generated. The data can be analyzed and the corresponding data report can be generated through the management software of the upper computer, which makes the data transfer and storage more convenient.

Self-calibration function: the instrument is equipped with voltage and current calibration correction function, which can calibrate and correct the measured value to ensure the measurement accuracy.