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CQ-KP Air Tightness Tester


Model Name CQ-KP
Power supply 220V/AC±15% 50Hz
Power consumption <40W
Pressure range 0~500kpa
Sensor resolution 1Pa
Display 7inch touch screen 1024*480
Test method Differential pressure method
Communication USB,RS485 interface
Historical data display Support
Data transmission USB,RS485 interface
Working temperature 5~40℃
Environment Storage temperature: -20~70℃,80%HR(No condensation)
Volume(mm) 367*230*230
Weight(Kg) 6.8



CQ-KP is a special test equipment developed for new energy field, which is suitable for the sealing test of battery pack, liquid cooling tube, high voltage distribution box, motor control unit and other components. The equipment adopts automatic output air pressure control technology, simple operation, high testing accuracy, lightweight and portable.



● Adopt high-definition touch screen indication and equip with dual prompts in sound & light.

● Segmented inflation design,realize automatic & precise adjustment of air pressure.

● High pressure automatic protection,sound and light alarm; It can automatically keep the pressure leakage detection if the test fails.

● Compact design,simple operation, lightweight and portable.