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HDFZ- IIP Transformer Power Tester

Transformer Power Tester is an multi-function instrument which is used to test accurately a serious of parameters such as capacity, type, no-load current ,no-load loss, impedance voltage of various transformers. The test result of capacity and characteristic can be up to 100% accuracy rate. The capacity measurement range :10kVA~100000kVA.



●  Compact design and light weight

●  Easy operation , high accuracy, Strong anti-interference and shock-proof

●  Big capacity lithium battery. It can work for 6 hours after charging one time .

●  Perfect revers potential protection function

●  Fast measurement and high accuracy measurement

●  The testing process is controlled by microcomputer, which automatically completes self-calibration, steady          flow judgment, data processing and numerical display

●  7 inch LCD screen, it can clearly display in sunlight

●  Built-in thermal printer . it is convenient to print at site.

●  Instrument software has a complete function, which includes operation instruction, button instruction, wiring      diagram and caution .

●  Clock time and date display, Data Storage, R232 and USB interface

●  It can measure a variety of distribution and transformer capacity, impedance voltage and load loss in the field      without additional power supply. It is more convenient and fast to measure.

●  All test results are automatically calibrated.


Technical parameter


Measurement Range 10kVA~100000kVA
Resolution 0.0001
Accuracy 0.2 level
Output Voltage 24V
Humidity ≤85%RH
Environment Temperature -10℃~50℃
Weight About 2kg
Dimension 303mm×175mm×80mm