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HDBB Transformer Turns Ratio Tester

Generally Information
HDBB Transformer Turns Ratio Tester is very essential to find out the right ration of transformer which has the corresponding on its rated voltage in primary and secondary.
HDBB Transformer Turn Ratio Tester is used to test turn ratio and voltage ratio of regular transformer .
● Wide measurement range, the ratio measurement can be up to 10000;
● Built-in three-phase digital power supply, it can improve the stability of measurement.
● Easy to carry: small size, light weight
● Fast measurement speed can be completed three phase test in 10 seconds.
● Applicable to transformers connected in Z type.
● It has the function of blind measurement, which it can perform variable ratio test and group test when there is no connection between high and low voltage.
● With data storage function
● If the power is cut off ,clock and time can be still displayed. It is with the data storage function. (Data can be save in U disk)
● With high and low voltage reverse connection protection and short circuit protection .
● Thermal printer with fast speed and low noise .
● Large LCD screen can be displayed clearly in the sunlight .

Measurement Range 0.9~10000
Resolution 0.0001
Accuracy 0.2 class
Output Voltage 160V
Environment Temperature -10℃~50℃
Humidity ≤85%RH
Working Power Supply AC220V±10%
Power Supply Frequency 50Hz±1Hz
Dimension 345mm×295mm×175mm
Weight  5kgs