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HDKC-12G Circuit Breaker Tester

HDKC-12G Circuit Breaker Tester


HDKC-12G Circuit Breaker Tester is applied to accurately test the dynamic characteristics parameter of high voltage circuit breaker such as Oil circuit breaker (bulk-oil-volume breaker, low oil circuit breaker), SF6 circuit breaker, vacuum circuit breaker. It is an ideal test equipment for test circuit breaker at large power companies, which is easy to connect and operate for testing.




● Automatically identity open and close status avoiding error operation .

● With 12 independent fractures, it is easy to inspect the connection,  detect and tip the state of fractures .

● Record 100 groups measurement data.

● 7 inchLCD with menu interface, it is easy operation .

● Powerful graphical analysis function to display wave and measurement data

machine integrated operation power supply, no site secondary power, easy to use. Can      provide DC20 ~ 270V adjustable power supply, current 20A.

● Equipped with linear sensor, 360 degrees without dead Angle rotation sensor, with special fixed multifunctional joint. Itis easy and convenient for installation.

● Internalanti-interference circuit can be used reliably in 500KV substation.

● Udisk interface and R232 interface


Technical Specifications

1.Time measurement: Fracture 12

·                                  Open (Close) time

·                                  Open(Close)same phase no- synchronism

·                                  Open(Close)phase to phase no-synchronism

·                                  Close(Open)bounce time(bounce numbers)

·                                  Internal Trigger Measurement range: 0.01ms~10000ms  resolution :0.01ms

·                                  External Trigger Measurement range: 0.01ms~20000ms

·                                  Resolution within 999ms: 0.01ms,1000-9999ms: 0.1ms, and over 10000ms: 1ms.

·                                  Accuracy within 200ms: 0.05%±1 word

2.Velocity measurement : instant separating (instant closing) velocity

·                                       Appointed time slot( stroke segment or angle segment) average Velocity

3.Velocity measurement range: 1mm sensor 0.01~25.00m/s,

·                                                0.1mm sensor 0.001~2.50m/s

·                                                345°angle sensor 1 cycle/ 0.5°

4.Travel measurement: Travel of moving contact (travel)

·                                     Contact stroke (open distance)

·                                     Over travel

·                                     Overshoot or rebound stroke

5. Measuring range: linear sensor: 50mm, measuring range: 0-50mm, resolution :0.1mm.

·                               Optional 100-1000mm linear sensor of any length.

·                               Encoder: 360. Rotate sensor, measurement

·                               range: 0-1000mm, resolution :0.25.

6.Current resistance range: Maxcurrent 30 A, resolution: 0.01 A, 1000Ω resistance, resolution: 0.01 Ω.

7.Instrument power supply: AC 220V ± 10%; 50 hz plus or minus 10%

8.Dc power output: continuously adjustable DC20 ~ 270V,

·                             DC110V≤30A (short time),

·                             DC220V≤ 20A(short time). Power: 4400W.

9.External trigger voltage: AC/DC10-300V, current ≤120A

10. disconnecting switch measurement range

·                                    (1) Voltage output: DC20~270V(adjustable)

·                                    (2) Current output time: 0.01~10 s (settable)

·                                    (3) Fracture signal maximum acquisition time: 10s

·                                    (4) Measurable fracture closing, separation time, three-phase a synchronism , bounce              time and frequency .

11.mainframe volume : 362×260×170mm

12.operating environment: -20℃~+50℃

13. relative humidity: ≤90%