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HDSF-503 SF6 Gas Analyzer

General Information

HDSF-503 SF6 Gas Analyzer is a comprehensive three-in-one analyzer used to measure SF6 gas humidity (dew point), SF6 gas purity and SF6 gas decomposition products , which can detect three test data by one test to improve the work efficiency.


● Rugged detection components
● Multiple measurement methods complied to different measurement requirement .
● Built-in gas filter and pressure regulating valve
● Big LCD display and easy operation
● Simultaneously display of all data
● Large capacity of data storage
● High sensitivity and good stability
● Small size, easy to carry


1)Main Parameter

SF6 Dew point Measurement Range  -80℃~+20℃(Supports parameters such as ppmv)
Accuracy 20℃~-30℃ (not including -30℃), not more than the dew point temperature ±2.0℃;
-30℃~-50℃ (excluding -50℃), not more than the dew point temperature ±2.0℃;
-50℃~-80℃, not more than the dew point temperature ±3.0℃;
Flow 0.5~0.9 L/min
SF6 Purity Measurement Range 0~100%SF6(weight ratio)
Accuracy ±0.5%
Response Time  30s
SF6 decomposition gas Accuracy: SO2 ≤20μL/L, error≤0.5μL/L;
SO2>20μL/L, error≤±5%;
H2S≤25μL/L, error≤0.5μL/L;
H2S>25μL/L, error≤±5%;
Flow 0.2~0.4L/min
Response Time 10~15s

2)Other Parameter

Inlet gas pressure ≤1.0Mpa
Environment temperature  -30~+60℃
Environment humidity ≤90%RH
Charging voltage 85VAC~265VAC 50Hz /60Hz
Operation time continuously for more than several hours
Storage capacity 60 sets
Operation mode touch key input
Communication interface USB
Print thermal printer.
Alarm sound-light alarm, self-set the alarm parameter