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HDZK Vacuum Switches Tester

General Information

HDZK Vacuum Switches Tester with an electromagnetic discharge measuring method is applied to measure the vacuum degree of vacuum switches. It is widely used in power, petrochemical,steel, coal, railway, textile,  and other departments that use vacuum switches.

● Quantitative measurement for the vacuum degree of arc extinguishing chamber of various types vacuum switches.
● No need to dismantle the vacuum switch for on-site measurement
● Accurate and reliable measurement results.
● Simple and easy operation
● Save, print and search the measurement data
● Light weight and portable
● RS232 port to connect with computer .
Technical Parameter

Power supply AC220V+15%,50Hz
Measurement Range 10-4~10-1Pa
Electric field Voltage 20kV
Magnetic field Voltage 1600V
Accuracy 5%
Working Temperature -10℃~40℃
Dimension 462mm×338mm×330mm
Weight About 13kg