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HDWS-142 SF6 Gas Dew Point Tester

General Information

HDWS-142 SF6 Gas Dew Point Tester is an ideal tester for controlling the dry point at low dew point in the industry environment, which is used to measure precisely trace moisture that sample contains . With the chemical removal options, it can perform accurate and stable measurement in the environment of high concentration of chemicals and cleaners, ensuring accurate measure at the interval of every calibration.
● Auto zero-point calibration, full curve tracking and amendment.
● With large storage function and search function
● Battery Display
● Easy operation and convenient to carry
● Good repeatability and quick respond
● AC and DC for field operation, built-in rechargeable lithium battery, auto switching, over-charge and over-discharge protection .


Measurement Range Dew Point -80~+20℃ (support ppmv)
Dew Point Measurement ±2℃(within some range) (sensor output frost point when dew point is below 0℃)
Response Time 63%[90%]
    +20→-20℃   Td   5s[45s]
    -20→-60℃   Td   10s[240s]
Resolution Dew point 0.1℃或0.1ppm
Repeatability ±0.2℃
Gas flow SF6 :0.5~0.9L/min0.5 ; H2:0.1~0.4L/min
Pressure Measurement  0~1.0MPa
Probe Protection Stainless steel sintered filter
Working Voltage 110~220VAC,  AC and DC
Storage Temperature -40~+70℃
Operation Temperature Temperature:-35~+60℃
Pressure: 0~20bar
Gas Flow speed: no influence
Accessories Manage software included printer , temperature convert tool , Electronic mass flowmeter