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HDSD Automatic Open Cup Flash Point Tester

General Information
Automatic open cup flash point tester is used to measure the flash-point value and light value for petroleum products. The tester adopts electric ignition mode without any combustible gas complied with standard ASTMD92(GB/T3536-2008)、GB/T267-88.  The tester has the advance technology ARM high performance microprocessor, electric erase memory ( a thousand data storage ), colorful LCD screen and touchscreen and PID self-check . It widely used in the field of petroleum, power, chemical engineering, railway, air company and research department.

● Powerful function. simultaneously detect flash point and light point , print the measurement result , built-in clock chip with automatic display current data and time with power off.
● High Accuracy. Temperature error ±1.5℃, resolution 0.1℃
● Good repeatability. It can continuously test the same sample under the measurement environment that complied with standard GB3536(ASTM D92) and GB/T 267-88,  the difference value of measurement results at two time is less than or equal to 4℃
● High automation. It can automatically complete the measure process and carry out the cooling and prompt information .
Technical Parameter

Measurement Range 40℃~430℃
Test Open flash-over or burning point
Temperature Detection Platinum Resistance
Accurate ±1℃
Repeatability Meet the standard GB3536-2008(ASTM D92)、GB/T 267-88
Display Screen Colorful LCD screen
Information Storage Save 1000 measurement result
Ignition mode Electric ignition
Cooling Forced air cooling
Printer Thermal printer
Self-check function lift rod, stroke, print, etc
Power ≤600VA
Working Power supply AC 220V±11V, Frequency 50Hz±2.5Hz
Environment Temperature 10~35℃
Environment Humidity ≤85%
Weight About 17kg