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HDYWS Insulation Oil Dew Point Tester

General Information

HDYWS Insulation Oil Dew point Tester with Carl-Fischer Coulomb titration is used to measure precisely  the trace moisture for liquid, gas and solid sample. The instrument can conduct the indirect measurement of sample injector of corresponding solid ,gas and liquid to the insoluble solid and the material that pollutes the electrode and affects reagent reacting. The instrument is a high efficient and full auto tester which is widely applied on electricity, petroleum, chemicals, medicine railway,environmental protection ,research institute and son on.
Technical Parameter

Titration method: Coulometric titration
Measurement Range 0ug~200mg
Sensitivity 0.1µg
Precision: 5µg~100µg±3µg
3% above 100µg (not including sampling error)
Sample type Solid , Gas , liquid
Display Color LCD screen
Data Storage 1000 test record
State Indicator dynamic curve, text display
Agitation speed control  sliding touch control panel
Date and time 10 years with power down
Printer Thermal Printer
Power supply AC 220V±10V  、50Hz±2.5Hz
Power ≤85%
Working Environment Temperature 5~35℃
Working Environment Humidity ≤85%
Dimension 330mm X 240mm X 180mm
Weight About 10kgs