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Lithium Battery Voltage Unbalance Problem And Solution

Release Time:2024-07-01


Impact of Lithium Battery Voltage Imbalance Problem

The voltage imbalance problem of lithium batteries is mainly manifested in the large voltage difference, resulting in some cells in the battery pack working at too high or too low a voltage range. This imbalance will lead to a decrease in the capacity of the battery pack, an increase in energy loss, and even cause potential safety hazards. For example, new energy vehicle battery voltage imbalance may lead to vehicle range reduction, acceleration performance decline and other issues. Therefore, timely resolution of lithium battery voltage imbalance is essential to improve battery pack performance and extend service life.


Working Principle of Lithium Battery Cell Equalizing Tester

Lithium Battery Cell Equalizing Tester determines the working status of the battery in real time by monitoring the voltage condition of each cell unit in the battery pack, as well as the current, temperature and other parameters. When it is found that the voltage of some battery cells is too high or too low, the tester will transfer the charge from the battery cells with higher voltage to those with lower voltage by adjusting the current distribution between the battery cells, in order to achieve the balance of voltage between the cells. Lithium Battery Cell Equalizing Tester has high-precision current control and intelligent algorithm, which can achieve fast and accurate equalisation adjustment.


Advantages of Lithium Battery Cell Equalizing Tester

Efficient equalisation: The current regulation technology adopted by the Lithium Battery Cell Equalizing Tester is able to adjust the voltage of the battery cell to a reasonable range in a short time, and quickly achieve the equalisation of the battery. Greatly improve the overall performance and service life of the battery pack.

Intelligent protection: Lithium Battery Cell Equalizing Tester has built-in multiple protection mechanisms to monitor the working status of the battery pack in real time, and once abnormal conditions are found, such as overvoltage, overcurrent, etc., the equalisation operation will be stopped in a timely manner to ensure the safe operation of the battery pack.

Simple operation: Lithium Battery Cell Equalizing Tester has an intuitive interface and simple operation, the user only needs to operate according to the prompts to complete the equalisation adjustment, without the need for complex settings.


CE—CF12 Lithium Battery Cell Equalizing Tester

CE-CF Lithium Battery Cell Equalizing Tester is a lithium battery maintenance instrument developed specifically for the new energy back-end market, used to quickly solve the lithium battery cell voltage inconsistency, the problem of single-string cell pressure difference, can be set up by man to deviate from the parameters, can be used for R & D experiments, simulation of batteries in poor working conditions, various pressure difference will occur. It has the advantages of easy operation, small size, light weight and easy to carry.


Widely used in lithium battery two-wheeled electric vehicle power station, new energy vehicle 4S after-sales service station, energy storage power station maintenance, drone lithium battery maintenance, cleaning equipment lithium battery maintenance, intelligent robot lithium battery maintenance, electric forklift battery maintenance and sightseeing electric vehicle battery maintenance and other scenes.







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