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HDZR3110A Transformer DC Resistance Tester

Generally Information
HDZR3110A Transformer DC Resistance Tester is a new instrument integrated high precision constant current power supply with DC resistance test, which is small size and large measurement range . The instrument can automatically complete constant current judge,data connection manage and resistance display. It is an ideal measurement products in power company, transformer manufacturing industry and large power enterprises, which is accurately and quickly test the DC resistance of transformers, CT and PT, generator,motor and lines .
● With large current output and wide measurement range, it is small size and light weight with easy operation
● Fast measurement speed,high accuracy, good repeatability and strong anti-interference.
● It has the perfect protection circuit and discharge alarm function, which can reduce
miss operation with strong reliability .
● Adopting high performance micro-controller, it can automatically complete the
constent current judgement, data collection and resistance value display.
● Adopting 192*64 large LCD screen, it is clear and visible display in the outdoor.
● Built in large capacity non-volatile memory, it can store 500 sets of measurement data
● Built in USB controller, the measurement data can be saved permanently on the PC by U disk.
● Built-in high precision RTC function: data and time calibration.

Output Current 10A、5A、2.5A、1A、500mA、200mA、100mA、10mA、1mA
Measurement Range 10A:  1mΩ~100mΩ
5A:   2mΩ~1Ω
2.5A:  5mΩ~2Ω
1A:   10mΩ~8Ω
10mA: 1Ω~1kΩ
1mA:  10Ω~20kΩ
Resolution 0.1μΩ
Precision ±0.2%
Dimension 200mm×100mm×60mm
Weight  2kgs