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HDJS-7000 Insulation Oil Dielectric Loss and Resistivity

General Information

HDJS-7000 Insulation Oil Dielectric Loss and Resistivity  is mainly used to test dielectric loss factor and resistivity of insulation oil and liquid insulation medium .The instrument adopts advance control technology and can automatically complete a serious operation such heating,control temperature, high speed data sampling,operation, display ,printing and storage . The advanced measurement theory and digitized technology makes your work more simple and more efficient .
● High automation, it can complete the operation of heating,dielectric loss measurement and resistivity measurement at one time.
● Electrode gap 2mm can eliminate the affection of dielectric loss measurement caused by Stray capacitance and leakage
● The instrument adopts middle frequency induction heating and PID temperature control algorithm. This heating way has many advantages such as non-contact with oil cup and heating body,uniform heating,quick speed and easy control. It can keep the temperature withing the preset temperature error range.
● Advanced DSP and FFT technology to make data more accurate and reliable .
● Built-in SF6 gas – filled three-point capacitor. The dielectric loss and capacitance of the capacitor won’t be affected by temperature and humidity, which still ensure the accuracy of instrument after using for long time.
● Large color touch screen,simple operation .
● Real-time clock.Measurement data and time can be saved,display,printed with the test results; The instrument can display environment temperature and monitor the real-time temperature.
● Save automatically the test result. It can save 100 groups of test data.
● Calibration function of empty electrode cup.It measures the capacitance and dielectric loss factor of empty electrode cup to judge the state of cleaning and installation of empty electrode cup.
● The calibration data can be saved automatically to facilitate accurate calculation of relative permittivity and DC resistivity.
Technical Parameter
Measurement Range: Capacitance:        5pF~200pF
                                   Relative permittivity:   1.000~30.000
                                   Dielectric loss factor:   0.00001~100
DC Resistivity:        2.5 MΩm~20 TΩm
Measurement Accuracy: capacitance ±(1% reading+0.5pF)
Relative permittivity:  ±1% reading
Dielectric loss factor  ±(1% reading+0.0001)
DC Resistivity: ±10% reading
Resolution :  Capacitance       0.01pF
                    Relative permittivity:   0.001
                    Dielectric loss factor: 0.00001
Temperature Range: 0~125℃
Temperature Measurement Error: ±0.5℃
AC test voltage: 0~2200V continuous adjustable   Frequency 50Hz
AC Test Voltage:0~500V continuous adjustable
Power loss:100w
Dimension:  420mm*380mm*385mm
Weight:   21Kg