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HDIIJ-80 Automatic Insulation Oil Dielectric(breakdown) Test

General Information

Automatic Insulation Oil Dielectric(breakdown) Tester is used to carry on power frequency dielectric break down test on the transformer oil, capacitor oil, electric device, insulation tool, electric manufacturer and etc. It adopts full auto digital microcomputer, which has the function of high accuracy, strong anti-interference ability and safe reliability

l Adopts large capacity single-chip control with reliable and stable performance.
l A wide range of watchdog circuit can not occur system failure.
l The oil cup is made of special glass of once-step casting technique to avoid oil leakage and other interference phenomena;
l The instrument has the function of over-current , over-voltage,short circuit protection , has the strong interference ability and good compatible electromagnetic.
l The unique high voltage sampling design can allow measurement value in A/D convertor to prevent the error caused by analog circuit, it is more accurate for test results.
l Portable design,easy to move and convenient for on-site use .
Technical Parameter

Capacity 1.5 kVA
Output Voltage 0-80kV
Voltage Increasing Speed 2.0 kV/s,3.0 kV/s (can select)
Distortion Rate < 1%
Display LCD screen
Electrodes Gap Standard 2.5mm
Environment Temperature 0~40℃
Environment Humidity ≤85%
Power supply AC 220V ± 10%
Frequency 50 ± 5 Hz
Power loss <200 W
Dimension 410*390*390mm
Weight 28kg