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HDYZ Transformer On-load Tap changer Tester

General Information
HDYZ Transformer on-load tap changer Tester is a unique moving part that is connected with the circuit of the transformer, It is essential to test the on-load tap changer of action sequence and switching time.
HDYZ Transformer On-load Tap Changer Tester is mainly applied to measure the  transient waveform,  transient time, transient resistance value, three-phase synchronization of transformer on-load tap-changers.     
● The tester can output large current and be light to carry .
● Two output current with wide measurement range and high stability.
● It automatically calculate transient resistance value and transition time ;
● With perfect protection circuit and high reliability;
● 5.7 inch large LCD display, easy for on-site operation
● With U disk storage function for storing more data and waveform
● It is more efficient and convenient for operation by independent keyboard

Output Current 1.0A, 0.5A
Measurement Range Transient Resistance: 0.5Ω~20Ω(1.0A)、0.5Ω~40Ω(0.5A)
Transient Time: 2ms~250ms
Measurement Accuracy Transient Resistance::±5%
Transient Time:±0.1%
Storage U disk and tester
Dimension 345mm×295mm×175mm
Weight About 5kgs