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HDSD Automatic Oil Acid Value Tester

General Information

hDSD Automatic Oil Acid Value Tester is used to test acid value for transformer oil and turbine oil.Microcomputer manage system can replace the manual operation and improve the working efficiency, which also reduce the harm of Organic solvents and other chemicals to Human body .

Technical Parameter

Linear Range 0.001~ 0.900 mgKOH/g
Relevant Parameter 0.999~0.9998
Recovery Rate 0.001 mgKOH/g
Repeatability 2~5%(RSD)
Measurement Accuracy Acid value 0.001~0.100 mgKOH/g,  accuracy ± 0.003 mgKOH/g
Acid value 0. 100~0.900 mgKOH/g  accuracy 2~5% of display value
Display 5.4″ Large color touch screen
Dimension 420 mm×190 mm×340 mm
Weight Net 9kg