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AC Resonant Test System Packed Before shipping

Release Time:2021-08-02
         AC resonant test system is used to proceed AC withstand test for HV cable , transformer , generator , GIS switchgear in many industry such as power field,metallurgy, petroleum, chemical and other industries.
The test system is composed by Variable Frequency Power Supply, Exciting Transformer, HV Reactor and Capacitive Divider. Capacitive divider is connected in parellel to test object, used for measuring the resonant voltage of test object as the over-voltage protection signal . Variable frequency power can be provided exciting power in series resonance circuit by coupling transformer.
         Our type HDXZ-108kVA/108kV has been packaged by stretch film, foam plastics and strong wooden after engineer’s debugging , which can be protected well against shocks for long distance transportation.
Products improvement and customer’s satisfaction is considered by us in the first priority.

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