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HDGC-3915 Battery Internal Resistance Tester

General information
Battery Internal Resistance Tester is designed using the advanced AC discharge measurement method to test accurately voltage and resistance of battery.  It is strictly designed to evaluate battery performance, state and life-time, which maintain all stationary power systems including Uninterruptible Power System.
Battery Internal Resistance Tester can proceed the measurement in a group and in a single section of battery. With accurate testing of resistance and voltage, it gives an indication of battery capacity and technical status. The measurement data can be read on the instrument display directly. And it can also be uploaded to PC simply by using the USB drive. With the analyzing software, you could not only keep a record of the testing result but also have detailed analyzing for the status of batteries in different testing conditions.
● Accuracy measure and easy operation with Intelligent and digital display
● Smart and portable hand-held device, rugged and easy operation
● Meet the internal resistance detection standard with whole battery internal resistance parameter data and define battery standard internal resistance according to different batteries .
● Easy measurement method ,not affect the battery working and without Safety hazards.
● With large measurement data record, data results query and analysis, Direct USB drive for software update and data charts and curves transfer to PC for further analyzing.
● Uploading data report in word or excel file and easy to print the report for further manage data.
● Mult-function measure clap applied most of battery connection.

Technical Specifications

Resistance range 0.00mΩ ~ 100mΩ Voltage range 0.000V ~16V*
LCD display 320*240  pixel  TFT  touch
Dimension L210*W110*H60 mm
Power supply 7.2V 2400mAh
Li-ion battery
Working time More than 5 hours after full
External power supply AC100~240V/DC8.4V-1A power adaptor/ recharger Interface USB